Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cover crops

Growing under the terraced cherry trees of the BBG's new herb garden, very striking crimson clover (nitrogen-fixing Trifolium incarnatum) and...what is the grain? Is it winter rye? I love the idea of the herb garden but am not well acquainted with it yet. Although my first serious plant love was for herbs, and I became very interested in what they could be used for, apart from cooking, for some reason I do not go into this garden - something about it keeps me on the outside, looking in. But I love these wild cover crops.


  1. Yahoo! Caleb's cover crops at Brooklyn Botanic are so beautiful and functional. Love them. I think you've photographed winter rye. It's one of the covers he uses,

  2. The crimson clover is to die for! What a gorgeous plant. Wonder if it would grow in our SFG boxes next winter? Lovely!

  3. Wow that crimson clover is beautiful...I'll have to put some in myself seeing as most of my crop has been eten by bugs and slugs so far!! but I think it's getting too cold for that here now :(


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