Monday, May 30, 2011

Corner lot garden

An open lot on the corner of Pacific Street and Boerum Place survives while new, huge buildings go up ahead, behind and across the way. Two years ago peppers and tomatoes and summer savoury were planted along its rusted chainlink fence. Then it lay fallow, occupied only by the wounded cars that rested in its confines. This year, the gardener made a decision. Garden or bust. I hope I meet him or her.


  1. A good person to interview for "why we garden", no?

    My favorite type of gardener fuel by determination and a desire for home grown food.


  2. I agree. My question(s) for a gardener (or a writer, dancer, painter, teacher, or anyone who is following their heart, their soul, their calling) is not so much why you do it but -- what keeps you going when everything fails? How do you persist when all around you is inane?

    It's a tough question....

  3. Wow, that is definitely a gardener that lets nothing stand in the way.

  4. I love it! You gotta want something green in your life to do all of that! Hope you meet him/her soon.

  5. So fun! I just found your blog and I love it. Good effort on the container gardening hope it runs out for them :) You should check my blog out and follow if you like
    I always follow back!


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