Thursday, May 5, 2011

BBG Plant Sale

 The calm before the gates open...

Time to contemplate falling petals... 

But if I had imagined these little red carts, I might not have worn sandals and red nail polish. Ouch. I spent the late afternoon hopping about briskly, avoiding wheels. Mayhem.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden plant sale preview was a lot of fun, in terms of plants, actually - a lot were from my favourite Glover Perennials. Members of the garden are allowed to see and buy before the general public can and I was impressed by the plant material on offer. In good condition and very interesting (though I did see people wheeling away flats of impatiens and begonias...).

Get me out of here, Mamma! Look how nicely he is holding that orchid.

We collected plants swiftly - I was helping (though he needed no help) the owner of a shady Brooklyn garden select some more plants for his promising space, and he had internalized the rather long plant lists I had sent him, memorised, processed and analysed them. He knew what he wanted. We left with Solomons' Seal, ferns, hellebores, climbing hydrangea and foam flower, and one Corydalis lutea for me. Thank you, nameless person-who-owns-an-umbrella-plant (more about that later)!

I liked this boxful. Yellow trilliums! Pretty Epimedium,  always lovely Solomon's Seal, Wild Ginger! Can you say woodland garden?

Before the sale gates opened and before I saw the flocks of little carts, I spent some time wandering in the native garden. Quite lovely. Pictures soon.


  1. Oooooooooh - I want to be there.
    And I want those carts. Can't the Bot Soc invest I wonder? Your flowering trees are so beautiful and have really brought spring into my life.

  2. Oopsie - that was me. I hit the wrong button

  3. How beautiful it all looks!

    And all those colourful carts, so nice!

    I wish I could get there!

    Thanks for taking me along on the visit.

  4. Don't you just love garden plant sales? the very best! I managed to miss the LGBG sale this year. [that's the definition of working too darned hard!]

    glad you got a little something for yourself, altho your client's purchases sound like a great garden spot.

  5. Dit lyk baie pret! Bietjie soos die boeremark, ons loop ook almal met waentjies rond.


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