Monday, May 2, 2011

6BC a garden, not a time to end all times. East 6th Street, between Avenue B and C. One of loveliest of community gardens - maybe at the top of my list.

I shot these pictures with high overhead sun so light is blazing upon the green leaves. I have nothing against Photoshop but in case you think I hit the saturation button a little too hard...

Not too much to say. Shape, texture, a sense of place, very interesting plants.

The daphne below was delicious. The scent, the scent. I don't eat everything I see.

And so was this evergreen clematis, a rarity in New York, but Pacific Northwesters are probably rolling their eyes at it. I remember it cascading over everything in Vancouver.

The smell just inside the gate changed abruptly, though, reminding one that this is still the big bad city where the homeless  have the same needs we all do: Human ordure (as my late furry friend Ambrose would have put it), deposited somewhere in the green leafiness. A quiet place to have a quiet moment, no doubt.


  1. So lovely. If only Prospect Park could look like that ... someday.

  2. Wonderful, I must put that on my list of places to visit when I next come to New York.

  3. I think Betsy made an arbor for this garden last year. I think. Does it have a pond?


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