Thursday, October 18, 2012

What the doctor didn't order

Vince is feeling poorly - a cold, probably - and has been receiving daily doses of thyme and ginger tea, made with huge handfuls of fresh thyme and bucketsful of sliced ginger. Yesterday I suggested that for supper we eat chicken soup. We were talking on the phone and I could hear the eye-roll of resignation. How about steak?! I countered, brightly. With chimichurri sauce (raw garlic, parsley, cilantro, scallions, lime juice...a.k.a vitamins! anti-virals!).

Tongue-lolling panting replaced the eye roll faster than you could say sizzle.

Steak it was.  I think it is the third of the year. (Second?) Sirloin, this time, several dollars cheaper per pound from our butcher than the usual porterhouse - and wonderful. Proverbial melting-in-the-mouth. Two-plus inches thick. Pan-sear, then 12 minutes in a 550'F oven. Rest, slice.

Well-aged steak. Impossible to beat. If we ever do move to Cape Town or environs, we may have to become butchers, just to supply ourselves with this thrice-yearly treat.

Unless you know something we don't.


  1. I guess Vince has been taking lessons from the feline. I'm over here drooling and craving steak for dinner now but we are having turkey burgers, green beans, and eggless noodles.

    Hope everyone feels better.

  2. Marie, if you do move to Cape Town or surrounds (of even if you're just interested in a butcher in town) check out
    They've been open for less than a year and might just have that steak you're looking for :)

  3. Hope the chimichurri made Vince feel better......I never think to make it in the cool weather, but now you have me craving steak! Nothing like a great piece of meat.

  4. this sounds so delicious, and right up my alley the way it is prepared-neat and easy. Letting it sit will be hard but I know it will be for my own good.
    oh, and 'stoby's green beans may be raw: he may like them without the dressing too.

  5. I'm ready to go back to get my 7 lbs of filet mignon. Halal is bloodier than dry aged. I've noticed that it delivers an iron tingle to my palette. Makes me think this is why people put vinegar on steak because the acid kills the iron tingle, which I noticed when I put lemon in Rex's iron tainted tap.

    Anywho, chimichurri should kick the iron too, and better than straight vinegar.

  6. Even though you're discussing meat I wanted to write that I've made your stuffed tomatoes again with only one change which was to use two onions instead of one because I love cooked onions.

    These tomatoes have such wonderful flavor with that hint of dill and mint - I forgot the currants and pine nuts this time.

    I can see this will become a usual meal for dinners with friends.

  7. Going to Nancy's for tea in my head... :)


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