Saturday, October 27, 2012

What the cat thinks

The cat genuinely likes parties.

Especially when feesh is served. 

In this case smoked black cod.

He is far less thrilled by long silver gifts.

...and by wrapping paper that can be played.

One could say that he is unamewsed.


  1. Happy Birthday, Marie! Hope the day is one you wished for.

    Keli'i and 'Kaika

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  3. What a lovely "long silver present."And wrappable Vivaldi!Ooh! And the other kind of flute, appropriately filled.
    Happy Birthdayweekend from all of us.

  4. Happy Birthday! May much music flow from the silver gift & the shouldn't-be-played-with paper remains as such ;)

  5. One could say that....

    and I guess one can say ANYTHING if it's one's birthday.

    xoxo jane

  6. Happy Birthday Marie! Don Estorbo needs music appurrrciation lessons.

  7. Happy Birthday! Geez when you said flute, you meant flute. May you flout (?!) upon your roof to the birds and raccoons and cats

  8. And yay. I'm glad mobile commenting is working again!

  9. Happy Birthday Marie! I would buy you a drink if I lived closer....someday!
    Enjoy, that smoked cod looks amazing too! Best wishes!

  10. A very happy birthday to you, Marie... You deserve it, but of course DaMan knows that better than any of us.

    And speaking of Vivaldi, you may well know that on Jones near Bleecker is "Cafe Vivaldi," where a good friend (RD) frequently plays "soft jazz." Lively spot.

    And down Jones on the left is "Perilla," great neighborhood dining--we just celebrated a 60th birthday there for the "performer," himself. "Memories of Deborah," his moving composition that Roger often plays, is in honor of my dear wife--who died of breast cancer four long years ago.

    Estorbo should come visit me here on the river for a few days. Rockfish (striped bass) season is well underway on the Bay, and as an experienced consumer of the product, Estorbo would concur there is no better tasting feesh..

  11. Happy birthday - you're a musician too - is there no end to your talents. The fish looks sooooooooo edible - my favourite food - hope you saved a little for the cat.

  12. Keli'i and Ikaika - thank you very much...I wished for scoopable tofu and scoopable tofu is what I got =^^=

    dinahmow, isn't it!? And thank you...

    petoskystone - thank you :-)The paper has been slept on but not yet shredded...

    Jane- I am sorry. One pun a year, right? xx

    Anonymous - thank you. His ears do hate the high notes.

    Frank - hm, maybe this is good method of pest control. Rooftop Bach! Thank you.

    Stacey - thanks so much. Loved the cod. Need to visit Russ and Daughters. This was from a local store, presliced.

    Clark - I did not know about Cafe Vivaldi or about Perilla. Thank you...we shall have to investigate. And I am very sorry to learn about your wife's passing. Very sorry indeed.

    Estorbo says rockfish sounds just like what he isn't getting. ^^

    elaine - "musician" is pushing it a bit. I am lucky I learned music very early so that reading is effortless. I need practise, though. Thank you :-)

  13. Happy birthday! I once played the flute too. It's in the closet. I have a box full of flute music that has been in the basement so it's a bit musty. Do you have any ideas what I can do with it or who might want it...maybe for a tax donation?

    Wha dos Meester E do when you play?


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