Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home Made Winter

Home Made and Home Made Winter, by Yvette van Boven (Abrams)

Last year I was given the gorgeous Home Made, Yvette van Boven's first book (thank you, Lisa!), filled with good, real food and wonderful photos (taken by her husband, Oof Verschuren). And just last Sunday I bumped into the friendly couple at that farmers table feast put on by Terrain. It was rather nice going up and shaking their hands and saying, by way of introduction, We share the same publisher! (suppressed squeal).

They are in the country from their native Holland to promote Yvette's latest book, Home Made Winter. It's hard not to be a bit jealous. Yvette is not only the creator and tester of the recipes but also a food stylist and artist - whose design sense is felt throughout the books. She did the graphics herself.

Tonight Vince and I catch the East River Ferry to take us to this autumn dinner, where Yvette will cook recipes from Winter in the very beautiful space made famous in local food circles by Sunday Suppers. We have not visited before, and arriving by water on a chilly fall night is about as good as it gets. I think.

I'll report back, later. Now I must pull on some long socks, boots, and fluffy layers for the ride up the East River. Even as a rolled lamb breast and pig cheeks are sizzling gently in a low oven for tomorrow's cassoulet.

Problems of privilege.


  1. I just bought the book, because I saw that the author was going to be cooking at Sunday Suppers....too hard to get to Bklyn during the week for us, or I would've met you there!

    It's a beautiful book, filled with clever drawings and recipes. Haven't tried anything yet (just got it from amazon 2 days ago!), so do fill us in! Enjoy!

  2. I had perused the menu for this dinner earlier, it looks scrumptious. More exciting is the chilly ferry ride- or as you say the combination. It seems like there are many reasons to be thrilled vicariously by the lives of others! Meanwhile, I am licking my lips after eating a plate full of mushrooms via your recipe earlier. Now that is a privilege!

  3. Will you update us on this event? Sounds lovely.

  4. oooh can't wait to hear how this went. I just met Yvette in our offices this week and was a little star struck :)

  5. More books I need to buy!!!


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