Thursday, October 11, 2012

October garrrrrdening

What did I do?

I wore a sweater. That is now necessary.

Then, with a very ineffective pair of scissors - above - I snipped and clipped the poor little Mexican Heirloom tomato and now it is Gone. I was very scratched in the process as the black raspberry had rooted an arm in its container. I didn't feel like going back down to the apartment to fetch the Felcos. And I want a decent pair of scissors. I think I'll treat myself to a pair of Fiskers.

Then I weeded the pot with the white currant. Lots of little irritating weeds whose name I don't know. A tiny, yellow-hearted (yeller-hearted) daisy flower. Opposite leaves.

I sowed red romaine for more small salad greens, and I sowed the rest of the mesclun. I said bad things about squirrels. I chewed  a few frilly kale leaves. I thought about the flock of northern flickers I came upon in Green-Wood Cemetery the day before yesterday. That was wonderful. I knew - thought I knew - that they were woodpeckers, but what were they dong on the grass? I had to check with the naturalist neighbor after looking them up in my bird book, and he confirmed their identity. I'd say 50, 60 birds. Extremely wary of humans. Beautiful. A high, pizzicato pic! pic! pic! in the trees.

On the roof in the falling evening I watched the local flock of pigeons wheeling from its roof where their owner keeps them in rooftop coop and flies them twice daily.

I picked four strawberries and ate them.

I wondered whether I should feed seaweed fertilizer to my greens. They are actively growing, after all.

Should I?


  1. When you do, let me know how it turns out. This is one organic "fertilizer" I have yet to use (very low nutrient value, but many) yet is recommended for "foliar feeding" on my garlic.

    Incidentally, your strawberries are taking over the beach farm. Its now the strawberry beach farm. And despite its poclivity to produce, it does so more for other creatures than us rarely feeding humans. Next year, I will make a patch with mesh because they are good.

  2. Well, the terrace has been fed with the seaweed all year and looks pretty healthy, with the anemones, especially, going bonkers. The roses also had Espoma rose food. I think the fig suffered from under feeding and I must reconsider what to feed it next year.

    Glad about the strawberries but not good that you're not getting any!

  3. I've been a two-timin farmer this year. I deserve what I don't get.

  4. Oh, Northern Flickers. In a good year, I will see one of them more than once. Most years are good years. I have never seen more than one of them together. Floored me, first time I saw one.


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