Friday, October 5, 2012

The salad bar

Almost all of the roof farm pots have been turned over to greens, now. A hold out pepper, a tenacious Mexican Heirloom tomato, and one ground cherry must be dealt with. Frankly, I dread shucking all the ground cherries. But I must, I must: ground cherry crumble, you see. The dessert, I mean. Not imminent collapse.

And two milk crates must be re-lined and filled with soil.

Currently, there are three pots of fava beans (for leaves, as I keep saying, but it bears repeating), two pots of peas (shoots), three pots of Swiss chard  one under siege by a zillion Nicotiana seedlings, two pots of kale, in staggered sowings, a trough of rather sad mesclun, a pot of lively red oak leaf lettuce, a pot of red mustard and a lot of volunteer trout lettuce. I think that's it. Oh, and two pots of nasturtiums, which have recuperated. They really do prefer the cooler months.

And! Parsnips. I planted parsnips.

Over and out.


  1. Your salad selection is so good-looking, fresh, crisp, ready for plucking - maybe the secret is that you don't plant too thickly. Or if you do, you remember to thin out and eat the thinnings. And of course, you really do have green fingers....
    like no one else I know. Perhaps Elliot though....he's close.....but not quite.

  2. Well, I have your DNA, Hen xxx Oh, yes, actually, this time I was good about thinning the chard. Mentioning Elliot makes me think of the high dangers. Hiding rangers? Hidies?

  3. Oh those beautiful tender greens! So lovely, almost spring like!
    We planted beets, spinach and bush beans for our fall crop, not doing as well as yours this time.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Hydrangeas.
    And Agapanthus - Panties


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