Monday, October 22, 2012


My new favourite drink - Hermitage 1900 cider, made in France and pressed from apples growing in a hundred-year-old orchard on the border between Champagne and Burgundy. That's what the label says.

Lightly bubbly, sweetly dry, the colour of a pale sunset. I'm hooked.

I sat on the roof for half an hour, plane- and lettuce-spotting.


  1. From a few posts back: i just tried the chimichurri sauce and steak dish- it was scrumptious but to try it again I'm going to have to move- antiquated smoke detectors etc. Perhaps moving the steak dinner to a friend's house is a more efficient choice.

  2. Oh boy. I remove our smoke detector for this one!

  3. Here at my quiet, remote place on a Chesapeake backwater, I can scientifically report the birds migrating from Maria's abode are quickly showing up around here, flittering all about in waves of flashing color.

    And in order that I can view them more closely--and thereby record their species in my new "bird book" (a gift from a lady amused at my ignorance), I bought an expensive "spotter scope," fitted on a tripod. But there is a technical problem to report: They don't stay still long enough for me to "get a fix," much less record them. What to do...

    This area is so darn remote we never have commercial flights go over, but there is the infrequent fighter jet roaring high above while patrolling out of a big naval base situated higher up on the Bay. You know what the base public information officer calls the noise of the jets screeching overhead? "The Sound of Freedom."


    Does this flak think we are idiots who so easily succumb to public relations slogans??

    No, actually, the noise we hear about once a week is jet noise. That's all..

  4. Love the shot of the sunlit/moonlit leaves I really must grow those with the red flecks on the leaves - can't remember what they are called but they look so pretty.

  5. I love the fall. Here in northern Virginia, I haven't had a hard freeze yet. My very confused pepper and tomato plants are still putting out new buds...but the trees are turning such lovely colors. Your photos are fantastic. I can almost smell fall in the air. It's a great time to sit out with a sunset drink and enjoy the weather - with or without jets ;-)

  6. You should try ciders from "West County Ciders" - available at Astor Wines - from the Berkshires. The woman who runs the place recently had her ciders featured at a cider dinner at Buttermilk Channel, and they were outstanding... old, wild, 100+ year old apples pressed into varietal ciders. They were superb, the best I've ever had.

  7. 2 things: will you have a recipe for chimichurra in your book? Mine was a bit heavy on the lime I think, and my blender needed oil or something to help the leaves etc. blend together..
    also Carr's Cider House in Hadley, MA makes artisanal hard ciders, if you are in the neighborhood after visiting the Berkshires. I have not tried them but they 'read' as delectable.

  8. Clark, that particular sound in New York turns my blood to ice.

    Elaine - the spotted ones are spotted trout lettuce. Boston lettuce texture, very pretty, self seed after a season.

    Thanks, Katie :-)

    Emily- thank you for that recommendation - sounds delicous,

    Sara - no, I don't think there's chimichurri in the book. Or is there? Hm. No... A fresh herb rub for summer grilling - different. I'll post one :-) Balance tartness with sugar.


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