Saturday, October 13, 2012

The unlauded

In the category of subtle and interesting...

Self-sown Corydalis lutea, at last blooming under a chair on the shady side of the terrace, after thinking about it for a year and then some.

And Heuchera villosa, still sending out new flower spikes, feet long.


  1. A lovely favourite of mine, that corydalis lutea. I've planted a few of the blue-flowering varieties -- very pretty, but not so dependable. That one plant is likely to sow its offspring into any available soil it finds and over the next few years will soften even more the charming garden you have on your rooftop. It's all over my garden now, and I never complain about its volunteering ways. . .

  2. I very fond of this plant which I use in difficult shady spots. It spreads obligingly and is very long blooming.


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