Monday, October 8, 2012

October inside and on top

Sunday brought a steady drizzle. Vince went hunting for rainy day pictures in Grand Central and Times Square and I sat glued to his computer and its big, very high resolution screen. I am suffering from just a little photo fatigue and dream at night about altering my neighborhood - finding a deli counter lacking vibrance, the sky blown, and Brooklyn's white balance way off.

While files were uploading or downloading, I forget which, I managed to nip onto the terrace in amongst the drips to see what was happening.

The amazing anemones keep making more flowers. I spotted a brand new stem today.

The mint has bounced back after its post-summer buzz cut.

I miss the farm. Haven't seen it in a few days. The nearest pot (below) is planted with fava, the un-harvested ones, and almost too big to eat, now: the stems must be very tender to be delicious. I'll pick them today. I've been picking the leaves from the next pot. The shrubby thing is the blueberry in its new quarters. I pruned it very hard in the summer, and held my breath. It has a mulch of unused coffee beans, for acid. Every now and then I give it some leftover coffee to drink. I hoard it decorously in a tall glass carafe, all my (unmilked) espresso leavings from the mornings. I only drink half of what's in the little pot. Coffee grounds, leached of their coffeeness, apparently do little to increase the soil's acidity.

I deliver the all-important external hard drive with my book's prospective photos on it to the publishers, today. Backing all the images up and saving the RAW (and occasionally jpeg) originals gave me the screaming heebie jeebies. I have three external drives. Just in case. And my laptop is groaning: Too. Full. Must. Loosen. Pants.

Round one is over. Round two begins, soon. This week I shall take a little break. Hunt a mushroom or two.

Find a cashmere sweater to buy.

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