Sunday, October 7, 2012

Time to chill, just a little

Quince cake (needs work), Honey Crisps. And, lurking off stage, cauliflower soup.

It really is fall.

I have been housebound for so long it's a wonder I have not lost the use of my legs. I'm out of touch. The farmers market yesterday was wonderful. Apples en masse, gorgeous bunches of chard being sold for a dollar, bees besieging grapes from upstate, bright orange pumpkins.

At the end of this new week we will actually go out! To Deb and Jim's for one of their perfect dinners with perfect drinks. Or for my cassoulet. We haven't quite ironed that part out, yet.

The cat hopped onto the bed for the first time in about a year. He was feeling chilly. So am I, right now, as I type. The sliding door is open, I can hear drips on the terrace (and a helicopter thundering overhead, the floor shakes) and cold air is stealing inside. I am wearing a sweater indoors.

Our days of living outdoors are numbered


  1. I hate the thought of being stuck indoors all winter - but it makes looking forward to spring all the sweeter.

  2. When I clicked on your link to "Deb & Jim's" & looked through the post photos, I noticed the "Sea to Sky Bacon Sea Salt". Did you & Vince give it to them? Or did they visit my beloved city of Vancouver from whence it comes & take the treasure back home to enjoy?

  3. Elaine - yes, there is that...

    Hi Camille - no that wasn't us...(btw, comments on older posts are moderated, which is why yours didn't show up at once).

    I miss Granville Island duck prosciutto!


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