Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 5-point puffball plan

1. Discover puffball, while hunting maitakes.

2. Take puffball and brethren home for photos to post on foraging sites. And for, well, you know, dinner.

3. Slit puffball to determine colour of innards. Pure white is good.

4. Peel puffballs and prepare foamy butter in pan.

5. Toss with foamy butter, then lemon juice and parsley from the chilly October terrace.

Eat puffballs. (And cheese never hurts. Well, mostly...depends, really.)


  1. You are a brave one! I know nothing about foraging, so would wind up poisoning everyone!!!!

  2. exactly. bravo. how can one be sure?

  3. Steve had "lion's mane" yesterday. Way too pretty to eat!

  4. Stacey - Well, I have to take issue with "brave". Courage is an undesirable quality in a forager as it implies willingness to eat in the face of doubt. Of course I would eat the wrong thing if I were just diving in, blindly :-)

    I am curious, and informed, rather than brave. I check with mushroom experts, cross reference in books and online, I make spore prints (not possible with puffballs)...

    As the old saw goes: There are old mushroomers, there are bold mushroomers, but there are no old, bold mushroomers.

    Sara, one can be sure. 100% sure. And if one is not sure, one does not eat. Period.

    There is only one poisonous puffball and it is dark purple-black inside.

  5. Oh, webb. Um...who is Steve, again?

  6. #4 pic is amazing ! I like it a lot. not to say that other photos are not... of course :)


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