Saturday, July 5, 2008

What I wanted

...was a chopped red pepper salad. Not sure why. This one didn't quite hit the mark; I should have used fresh chiles. And I wanted it to be a bit sloppier. If I'd had them I would have added tomatoes.

So, one red pepper, half a red onion, one fresh garlic clove (these were still new, unpapery, crisp), a few slices of baguette, torn up; red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, chiles to taste. Parsley.

Method: Donder the pepper. That's a South African expression. In other words, chop the bleep out of it. Same with onion. Put in a bowl with the torn-up bread, shake over a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, add salt, sugar and pepper to taste, and mix. Add the chopped fresh chile. Then the parsley. Taste all the way. You need spicy/burny but balanced by salty/sweet. Slosh over a little olive oil. Think of it as solid gazpacho...

Or if you're in Cape Town just head to Anatoli on Napier Street - they still make a good one, to be eaten with the sublime ekmek: long bread puffed up with steam in its pocket, piping hot from the oven, carried gingerly in a napkin to the table.

It's good with this.

Oh, I also had a lamb, but that's another story.


  1. Anatoli's is steadily rising to the top of the 'must do again' list!

  2. Yes...I was loathe to return for a long time, but had a reunion of sorts early this year with good friends from archaeology class days, and my new friend Marijke. It was not the old Anatoli, but a lot of it was very good. It suffers from the comparison but if one forgets the old, it is worth a night out. Tayfun's hospitality is warm and charming, and that is half the battle won, so often.

  3. Your salad reminds me of the Lebanese tabouleh....(which is heavier on the parsely and sometimes added couscous).

    It still looks delicious. I notice that all of your photographs of wine/champagne are particularly beautiful...the composition and the colours. A while ago you had some pics from a dinner with friends and the photos of the champagne were so rosy/blushy...

    You have a gift for it, and they look even better than the fab pics in our LCBO magazine.

  4. Why thank you, ma'am, :-)

    I think it's because I am so drawn to the subject!

  5. Yes, not the old Anatoli - but a friend held a big party there about a year ago and a very fine time was had!


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