Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicken and lime soup, gazpacho

Drink Plenty of Liquids!

So I have been.

Friday night, and I knew I had the Lurgi, so while my chicken, lime and chile soup was simmering, I fixed myself a suitable drink: tequila, 1 part; lime juice, 2 parts, ginger ale, 3 parts; with sliced fresh ginger and lime. Chew on the ginger and swallow when done.

The soup was chicken wings, lots of finely chopped yellow onion, lots of garlic, some carrot, two ancho chiles, about a liter of water, a bunch of parsley and the same of cilantro (added about half an hour before eating), some sprigs of lemon thyme, the juice of two lemons, salt and pepper. Good.

I added sliced avocado as a garnish. Nice Vitamin A, C, E and...K.

Now any morning would be intolerable without coffee. I know you're not supposed to drink it when you're sick, but I love my morning coffee. It's the only time I drink coffee*. I am exceptionally particular about it. I will never drink, happily, coffee from a restaurant, or take-out joint, doesn't matter who they are. The closest I've come to home-perfection is Balthazar's cafe latte in bowls...It must taste like coffee, not milk. And coffee with depth and breadth, not charred cigarette butts.

I don't think I'm a coffee snob, because I really only drink three brands regularly, and not one of them is particularly boutique: Illy, the priciest, when I'm feeling flush, at about $11-$14 in its sexy, streamlined 8 ounce tin; the Danish Supreme blend from Sahadi's in a white paper bag, ground to order, @ $6 a pound; and Cafe Bustelo's crazy canary tin (I would still like to plant a wall of red geraniums in Cafe Bustelo tins) at about $5 for 10 ounces. What different animals, you smirk, she knows nothing? Maybe. But they're all great! In my stovetop espresso maker. With just-hot milk.

* Yes, I sometimes have an espresso if I eat lunch out. But it's nothing to the thrill of my bowl of morning coffee.

Lunch for a Lurgi: gazpacho.

Tomatoes, skinned; red peppers, red onion, garlic, parsley, Greek and purple basil, mint, red wine vinegar, salt, some sugar, pepper and Whoosh. I cheated by adding some avocado. Made it creamier. Not sure I liked that.

The essential ingredient? Vinegar, oddly...

But tonight, since the Lurgi lingers and a week of challenges and then a very nice reward lies ahead? I bring out the big gun.

Marmite toast. I'm done messing around.


  1. Nothing like a reward at the end of a long week! Ya'll have fun!

  2. mmmmmm... mexican....mmmmmmmmmmmm... I'm salivating!

  3. There's something to be said for vitamin V. ;-)

  4. Why thank you, Mary!

    Centvingt: :-)

  5. You take some great photos of food, the colours are so vibrant. You seem like a very good cook too, always using such fresh and appetizing looking ingredients. Chicken soup is great if you have the lurgy, I hope you soon get over what is laying you low. You can't beat a good cup of coffee and is often a highlight of any trip out, well it is in my eyes! x

  6. I just printed off this gazpacho recipe. If this isn't gazpacho season, I don't know what is.

    Did you ever see that movie "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" ? Made and set in Spain,and a wonderful scene where gazpacho is made, and actually the drink is then used as a clever plot device....


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