Sunday, July 13, 2008

Terrace weekend action

New dawn above and below:

Also a second flush, though weak, for the standard Iceberg. Perhaps I'll try Epsom Salts.

The fig is trying again. Third time lucky?

And the new gaura is very happy, and quite lovely against the sky.

Another second flush below. The Abraham Darby with some purple basil.

And...the bloody leaf cutter bees have been at it. I have watched and watched to try and catch them in the act, but I've only managed to catch them collecting pollen, see below.

They seem to collect pollen on their bottoms, which start off white and become progressively yellow!

They love the liatris whose flowers become very interesting when viewed this close up. From a distance they are merely fluffy.

The day lily has opened and each flower seems to last rather longer than a day.

Very pretty pollen.

And the small spider is earning his (?) keep at night. He starts spinning only when it's dark, spending the daylight hours beside a New Dawn rose leaf.


  1. It always amazes me how you manage to find and observe an entire universe in such a small place, and make it all look so vast, diverse, unique and beautiful every time. :-)

  2. When it's all you've got, that's what you do. And thank you :-)


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