Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday evening terrace

A gaggle of lilies looks down at the stone table - they get points for longevity, and, come Fall, I will be ordering more for clients' terraces: L. Dunyazade. Of course I will not be able to restrain myself and will also order, according to the types of gardens, some other lilies, the more delicate, subtle ones, though I favour turkscaps with their graceful, upturned petals. Lilium henryi and Madame Butterfly will be on the list.

The last of the Silk Roads to open. It has weaseled its way into my heart.

The fig. Trying again.

A tall spike of liatris, beloved of bees.

A closer look.

And I have allowed some basil to make flowers for the bees. It's supposed to turn the leaves bitter but I can't say I have ever noticed.

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  1. Fantastic photos. No liatris in my garden, must investigate further. Lovely lilies, I have given up growing them, they always suffer from attack of the red lily beetle with devastating consequences! Have you these horrible pests in the US? x


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