Thursday, July 24, 2008

Martinis on the terrace

Three and a bit weeks ago I bought many bunches of these little onions, and turned them into pickles. My first pickles. I figured they might be ready just in time for Vince.

They were, and are really quite nice. Very simple.

So we decided to pop some into our viscously cold Grey Goose martinis over the weekend. The peppers, from some Lebanese olives from Sahadi's, added a perfect bite back.

As I write, now, the mugginess has lifted and pink fluffy clouds are chugging quietly by in a blue sky. Some truly horrible music is wafting, nay, quavering from the Cobble Hill Park, where there is a concert every Thursday. I've never gone to see who listens to the stuff. It's dreadful. Some good bluegrass would be perfect. Anything not on its last legs, in fact...


  1. Yum. Going back out to get ingredients! :-) If only I had the real thing...

  2. For good music, in the Bluegrass vein, give Jerry Douglas a listen. You won't be disappointed.

  3. Thanks, Ms. Hound, I will find him...

  4. Your pickled onions look great, home-preserved really are the best. I haven't ever put one in a drink though, I prefer mine with a chunk of cheddar! x


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