Monday, July 28, 2008

Ajo Blanco

A tonic, a restorative. Cool after hot, smooth after rough, simple after complicated.

There is something about this cold, white creamy soup, which contains no cream, that makes me sit up. The way a wilted plant might when it gets a whiff of what's in the watering can. Made of raw garlic, powdered almonds, some bread, chicken stock and the vital vinegar, it is deceptively filling, very lovely, and one of my favourite things to eat.

Back in the day I posted a recipe for it here. For this batch I used chicken stock I'd made, and it is much nicer than the cube, but in a pinch the cube will do. I always forget to put in the olive oil.


  1. You forgot light after darkness. The last one was divine, which means this one must have been cosmic. :-)


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