Friday, July 25, 2008


A small thing that Makes a Difference:

The fresh, green scent of Wild Pansy (oh, hush), by Claus Porto in my towel afer my post-work shower. I had picked a towel from the bottom of the clean stack in the cupboard where I keep the towels with an empty soap or bath salts box to soak up their residual perfume.

The towels come from a shop in the bazaar in Istanbul. I had gone there with my friend Bevan, to buy towels, thinking deeply fluffy. But the proprietor persuaded me, a very reluctant and suspicious me, to get thin ones instead. He says Prince Charles' household uses them exclusively, to cinch the deal (don't think about it too much. Naked Charles. Naked Camilla...eugh?). And they are wonderful. Light, absorbent, soft, with tassels, like a kikoi.

Doctor's Number One, by Egin Tekstil, the label reads.

I concur.

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