Sunday, July 6, 2008

Red Currant Jam aka You did WHAT on a Saturday Night?

At the farmers' market at Borough Hall, these are what I found, so I pounced.

Perfect jewels.

Three kilograms, including some very good raspberries. I found jam jars at Tony's Hardware on Smith Street. He has everything.

When I realized how much fruit I'd bought, and that each red currant would have to be stripped from its stalk, I got nervous, and made a cup of tea.

Two hours later they were done (I watched two episodes of the BBC's Duchess of Duke Street). I had a glass of the pink bubbly to celebrate.

The boiling, foaming stage. I changed gears and watched Benicio del Toro's face being funny in the Way of the Gun. Fast forwarded during the worst bloody bits: enough jam spattered all over the apartment as it was. I switched to Australian shiraz and shepherd's pie made from the leftover anchovy and rosemary lamb (the story I never told...will fix tomorrow).

The scooping stage.

The I'm nearly done stage. Bloody hell.

And the best of all. The breakfast in bed on a Sunday stage.

Raymond Blanc's recipe here


  1. I swear we must be related. 3 pints of red currents yesterday, plucked with the help of my sweetheart, turned into a crisp, with a little left over for a rum smoothie. Any of your people ever get to the island of St.Helena in the 18th or early 19th century?

  2. If they did they didn't tell us about it, :-)

    Sounds delicious, the crisp, I mean.

  3. Making jam is the sweetest thing, literally, I can imagine you doing. You make it look easy and so delicious...

  4. Resep? Aseblief? One day?

  5. Centvingt - and you haven't seen me make Tarte Tatin yet, my Frenchie, :-)

    Jane -'s actually the same as apricot jam, recipe somewhere in the blog (type it into the search bar top left of blog). 1 lb or kilo fruit to 3/4's lb or kilo sugar. Couple of lemons' juice for pectin 3/4's of the way through. . Ready when two drops meet in the middle of a spoon held sideways...

  6. Quite a performance, but worth it. I have redcurrants waiting to be picked from my two bushes, but keep putting off the moment for the very same reason, stripping the berries from the stalks. Not a job I enjoy at all. x

  7. Fantastic post. I can't believe that you live in a city apartment. You do enough cooking, canning, gardening and gourmet living that I swear you must *really* be on fifteen acres in upstate New York....


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