Monday, July 14, 2008

Marie visits a doctor and posts an ad

A ten minute pause for solipsism, please:

Two Interesting New Experiences today.

1. My first encounter with (deepvoice)...American. Health. Care. WITH Health Insurance.

I have had medical insurance for just a year. And I had not even got as far as choosing a primary care physician. Typical procrastination. But the sore throat won't go and in case it was strep and needed antibiotics, I decided to see a doctor. Which I was dreading: paperwork, bureaucracy, impersonal sausage factory.

But this morning I went online to Oxford, my provider (taker-awayer, I assumed), found a doctor - Dr Terranova, it sounded auspicious - nearby (not hard considering I'm a surgical glove's toss from the Long Island College Hospital), from a long list that told me where and when they qualified, called the number and spoke to Ruthie. Ruthie told me that the first available appointment was Wednesday. Ouch, I whimpered. But, said Ruthie, I could walk in if it was an emergency. And that now would be a good time to walk in, "Like...NOW!" said Ruthie, "...if you catch my drift". I did.

Twenty-five minutes later (and after getting lost three times in the bowels of the hospital) I was saying Aaaaaaaaaaaah and having my throat swabbed by a very nice lady doctor. While we were waiting for the test to show its results we discussed flowering shrubs. Until now I have been having any necessary medical check ups in South Africa with doctors I know and who know me...but it was time. A new era. I don't have strep. And they do have my blood. Taken by another very nice lady, Dean, a nurse, who gives a mean (in the right way) injection. I hope it has nothing nasty in it. My blood, that is.

2. Speaking of ladies.

I posted an ad on Craigslist, to sell the sweet little Schwinn I recently had fixed up: the one that had been languishing in the basement forever, and that I bought from my downstairs neighbour. It was a case of my eyes being too big for my stomach; or too small. At just under 6' my frame is really too tall for the Schwinn's, and I had succumbed to wishful thinking. So I will sell it.

My ad was perfectly polite and so was the picture. I ended it by saying that it would suit a "gal" 5'2 to 5'8.

When I checked on my ad I found it had been flagged and removed by the ominous-sounding Craigslist "community"... So I went to the bike forum to find out what was up. The only clue someone could provide was that gal might be offensive.

So I ask you (Americans). Is gal offensive, and why? I mean, I know it's outdated, but I sort of like it. It seems to embrace the 18 through 80 year olds. Gals, one and all. No? On another message board I read that some felt it was racially prejudiced.

It's ironic, if that is the case, since I'm usually the first person to bite off someone's head ( that sexist, maybe? heehee) if I hear something is sexist or prejudiced. I'm right in there, rolling in the dirt. No, not mud. Not wrestling, rolling! In dirt.

So either I need to be informed (and if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I don't really mind being wrong. In fact it's refreshing [God, Marie, you're going to have to duck quite soon], or, or... someone, SOMEONE, needs to get. a. bloody. life. Chill. Paint the toenails!

My ad is up and running again (so far), and I replaced Gal, with Someone.


  1. Ohmygod, she hasn't used "gal"!? She has. In public! "Gal"! I mean "chick" or "bimbo", ok, but "gal"! I'm SO embarrassed. I've never really met this woman. Oh goodness. Vince, think you can get an annulment? Such blatant racism! I'll never live it down. God Bless America!

  2. Political Correctness can take on disease like qualities itself!!!!

  3. Unbelievable. I can't think of a less offensive or negative word than "gal". It's totally innocent. The pc craze has gone too far, methinks...

  4. Hi, Marie. Dr. Terranova is a fine doctor - many of use her as our personal physician, as well.
    Stay healthy,
    Zippi Dvash
    Director of Public Affairs

  5. Lavinia - I agree. Nor do PC and sense of humour go togther, either.

    Hello Zippi! If you see her please pass on my compliments...

  6. I did pass on the regards and she said you were a perfectly lovely "gal" - just kidding, I was responding to the previous posts. Hope you won't need it, but if you or your friends require a referral in future, you can call (877) LICH-DOC (our call center) and the folks will help you, or you can contact me directly.
    Zippi Dvash
    Public Afaairs


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