Wednesday, July 2, 2008


All the frilly pink Abraham Darby roses were open this morning, all about half their usual size, but still perfectly proportioned. Very pretty while I sipped my Cafe Bustelo.

Lilium "Eurydice" again.

And this one has opened, too, "Silk Road". Not the sort of lily I would usually go for, but it has been included as a bonus bulb in my order for the last two years running and I planted them. Six feet tall, flowers the size of my hand, richly scented. The sort of lily that would steal the silver. Or one's husband.

See what I mean? Rude.

Then it was off to work on the subway, which was fun today. A small pale brown boy was deep in conversation with a dark white man, side by side, and I thought they might be father and son, or Big Brother Little Brother, talking about a sport's story in the paper, and the man was explaining to the boy what an agent was. The boy was rivetted and reading along, asking questions. Two stations later a big guy wearing construction boots, sitting across from them, reached over, tapped the boy on the shouder and said in a kind way, We gotta go. Your stop? said the paper-guy, Yeah, said the small boy, smiling, Seeya! Take care, Buddy, said the guy. They gave each other a low five, initiated by the small boy, and parted ways, the boy trotting after his dad onto the York Street platform. Then a tanned lady in her late 60's or early 70's got on with her scooter. She was wearing knee pads.

I stopped to buy paint and a portfolio at Blick and looked with interest at 40 Bond Street, a design project we/I were/was (whatever) not awarded, and noted with satisfaction that the backbone of the garden concerned seems to consist of arborvitae. Ick. So I think we were deemed too expensive rather than not good enough. Which is ironic, given that address. But who knows.

At work I designed almost both sides of a townhouse renovation in Chelsea - two medium-sized terraces in full sun. I was given a reprieve - the presentation would have been tomorrow and it would have been a nailbiting finish. It's been put off till Monday. Phew. But: next week I meet four new clients, with four potential new projects, two referrals from previous designs I've done...The two weeks after that two big plantings happen: the one around the corner in Brooklyn, in-ground, and one very much above ground on the Upper West Side. I need three more days in each week.

So I took myself to Prune for lunch, something I have not done in a very long while. No, the menu has still not changed. Julie, the very sweet waitress sent over a tuna tartare with a small triangle of warm toast (no toast is not always warm!), as a present, and I had the Caesar and glass of Greek white which was warm and not wonderful. Otherwise it was very good to sit there quietly with my New Yorker and the white-bearded man with a big tummy who is a fixture there at his corner table. He ate something with the superlative French fries. Maybe the burger. Maybe the tuna club. Julie asked who cut my hair and I gave her Izumi's number.

And back to work.

Back at home new people have moved into the top floor of the brownstone across the way. It's so funny: their flatscreen TV is in exactly the same place as the last one, and their couch is in the same place, too. It's a little scary.


  1. Hm, it's cozy in here... ;-)

    Your flower picture are gorgeous. Man, that camera does a good job on close-ups! And the photographer... Sublime! :-)

  2. Re the photos - uitstekende (sp??) (translation for Beence - 'outstanding'); re the couch and flat screen - its called LOI (Lack Of Imagination) (a terrifying condition); re the hair - will we get to see??

  3. Beence, darling...thank you. You think it's cosy now, just wait till you're here. You think we make people sick now with our cutesy ways: they'll be upchucking in the streets. Oh No!!! It's them! - the in-love people, the happy people, the tall ones who keep smiling, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, run, run for the Heights!

    Jane - ag, baie dankie,hoor! And you will have Beence rolling his eyes with the hair question. I think I take horrid pictures of myself and have told him he needs to be here to take them himself...his pictures I like! The LOI - yes...creepy, man, even the flickering TV shadows in the apartment are the same as they were, at night, because the flatscreen is HUGE. Not that I spy on my neighbours or anything, :-) THe Cobble Hill Clones, I think. Hm. New post percolating here...

    BTW Two Brooklyn whales are swimming to Japan. Mine is nekkid, but Estorbo's has clothes and moustache, :-)

  4. Please, please I too want to see The Hair?!

  5. Sorry, I'm Anonymous. But not any more.

  6. An interesting miscellany of your day, with images to match. In true "New Yorker" style (the city, not the magazine). The subway story---amusing...who knows who belongs to who anymore?

    Arborvitae? Well, really now....

    Sorry about the warm white wine and best of luck on your upcoming presentations...

    Your last sentence...very 'Rear Window'...

  7. yummy yum yum you should bottle your terrace! rock on shiny star!


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