Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot nights for prosecco (Valdobiaddene) -

... and Insalata Caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil from the terrace (I have three buffaloes out there, you know...).


  1. This simple salad is one I've enjoyed many times (though sometimes with a different cheese).

    To answer your query on my blog, the Sable & Rosenfeld crantini cranberries are actually sweet. They have added sugar to the jar, and the vodka is very slight so you don't really taste it. Would you like a jar or two?

  2. They sounded delicious, Lavinia and you're very kind, but that's an awful lot of trouble for you. I will have to content myself with this season's jams and pickled onions.

  3. Talking of drinks, thanks so much for the recipe to make up the concoction using redcurrants, something I would certainly try. Even though I am pretty much teetotal these days, I wouldn't say no to a sample! x

  4. Louise - It makes for very good gifts, too, if you bottle It in small, pretty my house we used to refer to It as...It.

    As in, Have you tasted It?

    It can make you bit loopy because It tastes so utterly innocuous and delicious.

    Oh dear. I think I've just talked myself into making some.


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