Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Le Weekend

We hit Prune for a burger. No, the lunch menu has still not changed, not one bit. If I were a cook in that kitchen I think the monotony would do me in. But it's good for me because I eat there a lot less than I used to, sparing the dollars and the lb's. However. I am very, very (very) happy with the burgers. Lamb, butter, bacon, butter, garlic, butter, parsley, butter, cheese, and butter. And some butter.

And superlative French fries. Vince liked them...

Apparently Gabriella Hamilton faced-off with Bobby I-hate-him Flay on Iron Chef on Sunday?

Anyone see it? I don't have a TV.

Did she whup his ass?


  1. Dripping butter with you at Prune was quite fun. But I forgot to give you an autograph... ;-)

  2. Yeah. It's official. Tony Bourdain is toast :-)


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