Sunday, July 27, 2008


The door buzzer rang this morning. It is loud. It rang again. The cat fled. I ignored the ringing. It rang a third time. I ignored it. I was not expecting anyone, didn't feel like letting strangers into the building, and can be quite antisocial.

Then the phone rang. Hm. More troubling. I did not recognize the number. So I ignored that, too. If they really wanted in they would leave a message. At last it showed up. It was a florist.


I rang back. The poor guy was two blocks away already. Come back, I begged, contrite, and made up a story about a shower. I went down to meet him to save him the five flight walk-up, and gave him a placatorially nice tip.

Once upstairs with my wrapped, damp, heavy parcel, I tore open the paper and found...irises. I love irises. These are I. sibirica, in a beautiful vase with green euphorbia.

A year ago today I left a comment on the blog of a photographic website, whose tutorial post on HDR photography made mention of a backlit saucisson against a field of lavender.

And that was the beginning.


  1. Yes, good old I. sibirica is somehow the same color as l. latifolia. :-)

  2. Um...could it



  3.'s an L...I thought you meant Iris!!!!

    Lavender latifolia!! Maybe, or L. angustifolia.

  4. I can be like this sometimes. At least we keep fresh with all the showers we have! Lovely irises and beautiful colour in your photo. x

  5. So you're saying it all started with one teeny little comment on a blog? WOW. How cool is that. KISMET!!

  6. Louise - we showerers are fellow-sinners!

    Ms Knithound - yes, one little comment. It is super cool :-)


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