Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wildflowers for small spaces

Lady's slipper, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

At the wrong end of the year I am thinking about spring ephemerals and wildflowers.

Because my terrace's garden is so small I tend to favour plants that will deliver as much bang for the buck as possible, and beautiful spring flowers have a brief, brief season which is perfect for a layered shade garden where summer bloomers, slower to emerge, can take over,  but they are more of a challenge in pots.

Or are they? I do have violets, and perhaps I could think about some trout lilies next year. But why do I not have Dicentra eximia? Fringed bleeding heart? It keeps blooming.

Time to re-think.

NYC Wildlfower Week's May spring bonanza is always a good reminder of what we have growing in our own woods and fields, even here in New York City. Perhaps, by the time spring rolls round, I'll have my own native plants to show off.

(And, no, I don't think the lady's slipper will make the cut!)

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