Thursday, July 12, 2012

Local is lekker

We have had two perfect days. Warm, but without the clinging humidity that smothered us last week. I have been grazing on the terrace strawberries - this is their third flush. I water the pots, and chew the red fruit. All day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday. Which explained why there was no farmers market when I walked by, in the late afternoon - I thought they had packed up early. But after writing today I'll go back to Borough Hall and see if I can find the tomatoes I was looking for. Mine are not ripe yet, but New Jersey is beginning to produce. I went to Trader Joe's to try for real tomatoes, there. They had tomatoes on the vine from Holland. Organic tomatoes from Canada. Small yellow pear tomatoes from Mexico.

Across the Hudson, the real thing is growing.

Time to start a local produce section in every store, oh Hawaian-shirted, forcefully friendly emporium.

Don't you think?

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