Friday, June 22, 2012


On the roof I watched it coming in from the southwest, over Jersey, over New York Harbor, beyond Governor's Island.

After five minutes of this the first fat drops fell on the roof, and I disappeared down the hatch, battening it behind me. Then it burst over our heads. Thunder that penetrated to the bone and rattled the teeth. One of the lightning strikes was loud and so close that I jumped and lost the memory card I was holding. It's still missing. Rain sweeping from the west and then wheeling to fly in through the open door, from the east. I suppose this is what one expects after the intense and sullen heat of the last two days, but it is still very gratifying.

That was a long line of storms. This is the weather map from Who are still posting the wrong temperature.

The temperature has dropped, according to intellicast, by almost 20 degrees, from 92'F to 73'F. 


It is a beautiful silence, without the roar of the air conditioner.

Interesting thing about the cat. While I jumped every time lightning struck, he dozed. He is unfazed by thunder and by fireworks, which we hear often. Perhaps because he grew up in Manhattan, which is noisy and used to storms. All the South African pets I've known have been driven demented by rockets and storms, even hard rain (well, my parents do have a corrugated iron-hybrid roof, which amplifies rain).

What do your pets do?
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