Thursday, June 21, 2012

The longest day

Yesterday: At last there was some action on the roof farm. The first Cocozelle squash (basically a zucchini on steroids) is beginning to show its racing stripes.

A German Striped tomato appeared.

A Tatuma squash - quite tiny - is developing.

I dug out my pot of potatoes.

Vince and I sat, far hotter than we felt like being, and sipped cold G and T's as the sun - still high well past 6.30pm - sliding down the glaring sky. 

An hour later we watched it, a red and sinking balloon, dip below the horizon, beyond Jersey. The longest day. All gone. The heat still a cloud wrapped around us. Our picnic? Tuna mousse, ajo blanco (almond and garlic soup) with ice and grapes, and a spicy mango salad.

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