Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Step aboard...

This doesn't happen very often.

So where do you want to go?


  1. Flea market then the park please :)

  2. Purl in SoHo, Muji and Pearl River for some fun shopping. Then a stroll along the High Line. That's all for one day, thanks.

  3. Ohhhh... Never been to NY! Let's go everywhere exciting like book stores, bagel shops, delis... except Prospect Park. You're scaring me with some of those pictures.. Never in my life have I've seen such sights!! And to say that I've been places... Gee whiz! I really admire what you and your Mob have done!!

  4. Ooh! Shiny. Pretty.
    Highline, please. Then drop me off at Borough Hall and I'll walk down to see my black friend.( I miss him.)

  5. I'd just prefer to ride and let the train lull me to sleep!

  6. Freaky and unusual to see an empty subway car ...

  7. jelli, Brooklyn flea, Ok! Park, WHICH park? Dude...:-)

    Karen - Oh, good choices, yes.

    Kellye - I am so sorry. I will write a pretty Prospect Park post soon. You know I am only there because the place is so beautiful, and that one section is so down at heel. Fine, we'll go to local book stores, Russ and Daughters for the bagels and wherever you like for some pastrami.

    dinahmow, yes, the High Line is one of our stops. Right after the bagels. The black friend says why not stop at Bergen, it's closer :-)

    guym - that is very tempting.

    Lambert - I nearly got off again! Quite freaky. Fantasy car.

  8. Bergen's closer, but if I walk down I can pop into Sahadis for a "treat."

    Oh my! I've just had an email from my travel agent: NYC 4 nights under $2000.

  9. Prospect Park. Armed with a litter bag and gloves....just in case :) Shall i pack a picnic?

  10. the orange cars are still my favorite. I hate the new blue cars. Air always seems to be blowing in my face.


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