Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Horizon is not organic

Brief newsflash. If, as we did,  you drink Horizon milk or eat their other dairy products, eggs or jellos,  thinking that they are organic (you know, because they are labeled organic?) stop. Read this.

Boycott them and tell everyone you know to boycott them. The tangled web of organic. It's very depressing.

Horizon, bought by Dean Foods, cows injected with MONSANTO'S bovine growth hormone...that's just the tip of the iceberg. Is there anything bad that Monsanto does not do????

Dean Foods' "organic" label in the UK is Rachel's Foods.

Thanks to Thomas for the heads up.

Now where can I find local cream to make butter?


  1. Every time I see a carton of milk labeled "locally produced" I see images of cows drinking from the gowanus or roaming the BQE. As a brooklyn resident, i prefer my milk to be made far far away.....Organic, but far away....

  2. Jajajajaja. Well. Horizon would have fit that bill, I think. I just want know that something labelled organic is actually organic. In this case I think real local is better... I want to see the darn cows.

  3. Organic vs. "farm raised" or "all natural".... We usually raise a beef cow each year but I'm not sure if the feed we give it contains antibiotics or growth hormones. I'll have to read the label more closely. I do know one thing.. the beef tastes a LOT better than what you find in the stores. Totally different taste... We take great care in our beef cow while they're at our "farm". The grandkids usually select a nice name for them and they always are friendly enough that you could walk out to them and scratch them behind their ears!! So I guess we have farm-friendly-tasty-natural-southern raised-polite beef cows!!

  4. Yep! It's a maze. There are quite a few products here which, on their "pretty" labels state that the pigs/cows/whatevers are "bred free range." As Peter says:"Then what?"
    Kellye is probably going the best way in home-raised and, presumably, slaughtered. Nice, relaxed animals always taste better than the knotted muscles of stressed beasts!
    Oh! Not sure about the USA, but be careful of the Chinese "organic" goji berries. A lot of them are grown in hellish places full of nasty stuff.I think a web search will have something on it.

  5. Kellye - really, you raise your own beefs? That's great!

    dinahmow, South Africa also does a lot of 'free range' and 'all natural' which cracks me up. When is an animal not all natural(Answer, when it's full of growth hormones? I don't know)...sigh. Going to find me some beans for dinner.

  6. Yes Marie we do. I haven't purchased beef from a store in approximately 6 years. Now.. we do not eat beef every night. Just saying... and ALWAYS a green vegetable at every dinner...

  7. *sigh* Now I *still* hate Monsanto even more...

  8. Yes, thank you, thank you for posting this alert, Marie! I have been railing about Monsanto and its minions for years now and long gave up Horizon products. Luckily for us, our local healthfood store carries raw milk (it's legal to sell here) and locally raised, grass-fed beef and organic eggs (they come from across the street - literally!) and chicken. A bit more expensive, but we're not big meat eaters, so it's doable.

  9. This idea may also interest you or readers who can't buy raw milk in stores:


  10. Do not - under any circumstances - let Don Estorbo know that Kellye raises her own cow. He will want to add one to his caddle. You don't really need a cow on the roof farm!

    Thanks for the Horizon info, tho.

  11. Shocking! I wonder if its the same here in South Africa?

  12. Its so sad really. In South Africa I only buy dairy products from a Dairy that I KNOW, and have actually been to.... What the human race deems necessary to do to these poor animals for different reasons is tragic.

  13. Never, never buy anything with the Horizon label. Try always to buy Organic Valley products.

    Have had this out with Whole Foods that still carry Horizon. The store managers alway give me the same crap…"it's organic". Well not it is not.

    If you are interested in putting your mouth where your wallet is so to speak, a colleague I know has a blog: that is very helpful


  14. I was just browsing through older posts and saw this- OMG! I drink Horizon- but not anymore! I thought the regulated and defined FDA labeling for "Organic" had to meet , wait for it, wait for it.....authentic ORGANIC standards, and that is was the word "natural' that was riddled in smoke and mirrors! I've also had ORGANIC VALLEY, which states, " Oregon Tilth Certified Organic" and " produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones and persistent pesticides". Now, i have a bit of investigating to do.


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