Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is left...

 Unripe strawberries

 Agastache "Black Adder"

An Iceberg...

And a view.


  1. Is your Iceberg a climber? I just planted two on our pergola today. Can't wait to see what it will look like next year.
    Your view is amazing.

  2. Hi Monica, yes, it is a so-called climber, and has done very well. It only reblooms sporadically once it is established (mine took about three years to do so). It is that first flush that really stops you in your tracks.

  3. There's something especially nice about those last flowers of the season. Love the Iceberg rose. Yesterday I found an iris - really, an iris - with eight buds on it. If the weather will hold a couple more days I can bring it inside. Too weird.


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