Saturday, November 6, 2010


Returning home late in the afternoon from our walk in Prospect Park, we stopped on 7th Avenue in Park Slope and bought hot chocolate from the Slope's outpost of Sweet Melissa, and ate two incredibly delicious chestnut madeleines - slightly marzipan-y and not too sweet. The light turned rapturous as we crossed the street and made the Old First Reformed Church glow.

This was on a pole on 3rd Avenue, and looks to be about an Abyssinian or Abyssinian mix. Does anyone have news?

The great, green, greasy Gowanus looked positively beautiful.

I have always wanted to live on a barge...With pots of herbs on the roof, the cat watching the shore, a bicycle for bread trips...

This picture is for South Africans. See, we have it, too.

Saturday in Brooklyn, now. A plant to buy at GRDN for a friend's early birthday, wine to find for a dinner that threatens to be Vindaloo, squirrels to chase off the duck prosciutto (there were two yesterday, hanging upside down from the chair), a pork belly to marinate for rillettes and a video to be parsed of last night's Brooklyn bluegrass that we went to at the eleventh hour in Red Hook and returned from at the first of the new day.


  1. Speaking of the Gowanus in twilight, you might be interested in this video of the Gowanus after a heavy rain:

    It's not unlike "Twilight" the novel.

  2. That's a brilliant video. Dang.
    We'll be sad when it's been cleaned up.

  3. Those are good photos!

    How wonderful someone has taken the trouble to make and put up a poster for a lost kitty. I hope he gets reunited.

    Vindaloo, maybe that's one to drink beer with?

  4. Jesus Marie, you even make razor wire look beautiful! Cut it out.

  5. The light was rapturous? so was I when i read that line and saw those pictures.

    xo Jane

  6. My favorite light of the year, afternoon now to Solstice.
    Nice blue, painting with photos.

  7. Gorgeous photos and oh how I wish I could house & big, black cat sit for you. I can & will begin saving my pennies for next year's trip, maybe I could split the time with someone else (3 weeks-me & 3 weeks-them). I am serious ! and you know your boy would be in good cat lovin' hands.

    Oh and ps. Rachel needs some plant identification help xo S & les Gang

    Hello to D.


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