Monday, March 22, 2010

GRDN Brooklyn

On our first full day back in New York I had to garden. And I needed some potting soil or compost, the latter easier to find, ironically...Garden shops and hardware stores: please stock bags of compost! Please. Pretty please?

Tony's, my regular hardware store, had only Miracle Gro potting soil. Crack for plants. So we headed to GRDN (on Hoyt betw. Pacific and State), a dangerous place, as one always leaves with something extra. I was trying to be frugal.

The shop was filled with stunningly fat and bright hybrid primroses, hardly the shy flower of the hedgerows, but they looked beautiful. Outside I found violas, and left with three quart pots, at only $4 each. Not bad at all for a retail store. Also organic potting soil, so we left with two bags.

I spent the afternoon root-pruning my fig, repotting a sage, a calamitha and the surviving oregano, and sowing some of Dan's Fire Island hollyhocks.

If it stops raining today I'll plant my garlic cloves.
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