Friday, March 19, 2010

The call of the road

The N9 from Graaff Reinet, from which we will turn off to Nieu Bethesda, and on to the farm Doornberg. Many stories await. The circle in the ground. The fracas in post office. Flowers in the veld. Rooigras.

The story of our trip is being told very slowly, I know, but perhaps because I do not want it to end. Today we will board two planes, our life in our luggage, and travel farther and faster than our two week overland expedition, where time was measured in coffee cups, sunsets and horizons. Overnight our culture and climate will reverse and we will be reabsorbed into the fight for the survival of the fittest.

But perhaps we are coming closer to understanding just what survival means, for us, and how fit we need to be.

As Thabang Titoti (post about our expedition with him coming up) said recently, Priorities. These are what shape our lives.


  1. Oh, Marie! The priorities! Yes, you are so right. My recent journey was so short, so brief, yet so heart-wrenchingly long...
    Looking forward to reading more.[And reading more from That Cat ;-) ]

  2. Safe travels homeward. Can't wait to read of the reunion w/ Don Estorbo.


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