Thursday, March 11, 2010

Compost Bins

When I grow up I would like to have compost bins like these.

Outside the kitchen at No. 9 is a little plastic bin where daily vegetable and fruit peelings and leavings are deposited, and these make their way into the first of the bins above.

Part of the contents of the little plastic bin are food-processed and given to the worms in their farm in the garden shed. They make worm juice, a potent fertilizer, and turn the scraps and newspapers they feed on into garden-friendly castings.

I'd still like to see some chickens on slug patrol, though...


  1. i may have to live in your grown-up compost bins. when you grow up.
    are you ever coming back? (not that i don;t love reading about where you are it's just, well, you know....i miss you!!!!)

  2. What?! You don't think corgis are are good slug patrollers!? ;)

  3. Those are picture perfect compost bins, with the triad of perfect boxiness, well-aged planks, and all hidden behind the shrubs.

    One day...

  4. Deb! - je is coming back. End o' next week. The compost bins are about the size of our apartment, after all.

    Livia - Corgis are good squirrel patrollers, but turn their noses up at slow moving objects :-)

    Frank - yes, it is pretty ideal. Imagine being able to screen a bin behind shrubs. Imagine having space for shrubs :-)


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