Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour dinner

Earth Hour last night, before and after.

On the menu: flavour bundles (pork, ginger, garlic, jaggery, tamarind, peanuts, dried shrimp) wrapped in lettuce leaves, then hot Thai chicken curry with sticky rice. Cold tapioca with palm sugar syrup, dragon fruit and mango.


  1. That all sounded lovely till I got to the cold tapioca bit. School puddings..... Not as bad as sago though.....

    I only managed an Earth Half Hour, because I was struck down with something that made me feel quite ill, and getting ready for bed with a candle seemed altogether too much. I'll make up for it some time though - so nice to just have candlelight.

  2. Does four and a half days on candle power count?

  3. Oh, is this the dinner we missed?! I am now more sad than ever.

  4. rachel - I'm so sorry. I never went to boarding school, so only know The Horror by proxy. This tapioca was tender, jelly-ish, and...good. Squishy in the best sort of way. Clear, then moistened with the syrup.

    I'm making you sick, aren't I?! Cyclone?

    Ellen - yes! omg - can you guess the source of the dried shrimp??? I did! I did! The cat is looking thunderous.

  5. A delish and politically correct dinner. Perfect, Glad you're back, oh standard bearer.

  6. It's so hard to go electric less in an american home...the microwave clock, the phone light, the refrigerator, the clock radio, the hot water heater. If we try in the spirit of the event, at least we are honoring the earth.

  7. Oh no! You ate Estorbo's shrimp?

    Actually, it's very funny and hs the makings of a good tv play...

    wv is copurring.A hint, perhaps?

  8. Of course I knew it was intended for human consumption but never really figured out how to use it. Your bundles sound delicious. I'm bringing you (and Estorbo) the last bits next month. Clearly you deserve them.


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