Thursday, March 18, 2010

Supper in the kitchen

On nights when a chilly breeze blows on the patio, we have dinner at the kitchen table. Candles are added so that we don't sit in a glare of overhead lights. The kitchen table blossoms under tablecloth and silver, so different from its cluttered state during the day, when it holds bowls of fruit, newspapers, a cat, a handbag, groceries. It looks all grown up.

Occasionally Wellington, the one remaining mobile cat, reminds us that he actually eats his meals here during the day and does not see why he should not join us for dinner.

Tomorrow we head far, far north. We fly from the very first suggestions of autumn in Cape Town (that chilly breeze) to the beginning of spring in New York. We will leave behind these daily shared meals with my parents, kind friends, conversations with Tipsy, the garden of birds and flowers, the friendly dogs and the two cats who are perhaps not going to be here next time; and we will leave the easy access to beautiful beaches and mountain, wild flowers on our doorstep, and delicious coffee everywhere. Leaving is very sad.

So it is back to the terrace. I imagine that the chives and tarragon are up, and that the roses are thinking about making leaves. Estorbo will be fat. I am glad he is there to meet us.

Yesterday I processed the final cut of pictures chosen for the story about 66 Square Feet in Visi Magazine's April edition, and lived through them a year on the terrace. An eight page spread of memories and inspiration and two pictures of Don Estorbo himself. The layout looks lovely and it is very exciting to see it all in a magazine I have admired since it was first published.

So. See you in New York.


  1. You've packed so much into this amazing trip, it's bound to be hard to leave. But being back home will be wonderful too - and I'm excited for Estorbo, who might even show how pleased he feels to have you back - although, with cats, it's never a sure thing for a day or two - perhaps he'll bring you a nice fat crunchy insect....

    Travel safely.

  2. I've always said: it's wonderful to live in different countries, but the stiff price you pay is that never again can only one place be called home, and you leave a piece of your heart in each place, never to be quite whole again.
    Not to sound too melancholy.

  3. Departures are always tricky. Safe journey.

  4. Safe travels to you both. It's such a bittersweet experience when you travel home. Abrazos to Estorbo.

  5. Goodbye, Marie and Vince, I have SO enjoyed both your blogsites written whilst you were here. Have a safe journey home and give Estorbo a BIG KISS from me when you get there!
    I am looking forward to the stories of your travels in SA and Lesotho. And, of course more blogging about your day to day escapades in NYCity!


  6. Its no cape, but when you step out of that airport, you will feel the warm rush of spring!

  7. Bon voyage julle, lekker bly and love to the fat cat from me and da broders. It was wonderful to meet you.

  8. Have a good (safe) trip home. Thanks so much for taking us with you on your wonderful trip. It was so interesting. Can't wait to see how spring is coming along on the terrace.

  9. Looking forward to your return and more wonderful pictures and travel tales. Safe travels and give Estorbo some chin scritchies for me.


  10. such an amazing journey sweet marie...sad to leave i'm sure but ny will be here with open arms to greet you upon return (and so will storbie and so will i!). thank you for the beautiful postcard which totally made my travels...and i can't WAIT to see the layout!!!

  11. Congrats on the article coming up in Visi! And welcome back to your stateside home.


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