Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogger blues and small prize

Blogger is having some issues: you might notice that some pictures are missing from posts. Apparently they are working to resolve it.*

Blogger allows me to load pictures, I shall do so...until then, think of shrubs in bloom and in scent right now, in this here zone. And guess about which one I am going to post.

Hint - it is growing in a friend's garden in dappled shade. You do not have to nail the species, but genus is necessary, or common name.

Winner receives...winner receives...thinks:


Well, I would post a picture of what the winner receives, but Blogger isn't letting me!

Winner receives a hand-beaded net thingy made and bought in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, to put over the milk jug or jam pot so that flies don't drop in it. This is useful in Cape Town, where, in late summer, flies are a pest. In Constantia at any rate. It is nice and light and can be mailed anywhere.

If more than one correct answer is received, I shall draw from a hat. If you are in the US of A, I will throw in some of the tall, black Fire Island hollyhock seeds.

* Obviously the problem has been fixed, and there is the doily in question. If you wish to retract your answers in case they were right, now's the time. You might not want to have anything to do with the doily. I posed it on a champagne glass in lieu of a milk jug or jam pot. But there are no flies in Brooklyn.


  1. Well, obviously it's witch hazel.

  2. What's up with the no pics? I'm supposed to be cleaning the kitty's bidet and desperately buying time. So I'll guess viburnum? Is there anything else you need me to do before I go to the attic? No? All right I'm off.

  3. Donatella con fioriMarch 29, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    I'll go with Jasmine....simply because I want to play!

  4. Daphne. Ours is blooming right out of the office window and smells deeeeeelicious :)

  5. This is the Constantia Fly Lovers Association: we protest loudly. Buddha said that every living thing should be allowed to drop into jam pots at will.

  6. I'll say Forsythia because I know you love it and the scent is out of this world, and, uh I like flies.

  7. I'm going Daphne 'Carol Mackie', too. They are wonderful. Wish mine had not died!!

  8. Millie says to let the flies drop into the milk. That way she can simplify her fly-hunting/milk-stealing hobbies....

    I'll say Daphne..... Jasmine has been out for ages.

  9. I definitely think it is forsythia because my sister who lives on the Ohio river in a boat says the forsythia is blooming on the banks of the river....even with all the bad weather.

    Is that it? Send a picture so I can enjoy it while I am sunk in our March snow storms!

  10. Not being a Noo Yarker, I'm not sure about the daphne, but whenever I grew it it was finished before forsythia.
    Tell you what - I'll guess Hamamelis (witch hazel), but counter by asking for pics of forsythia and daphne, too!
    Oh, come on - be a sport. You know I can't grow any of them here!

  11. I'm guessing Crocus or Cherry Blossoms. I'm in Jalisco Mexico and we've got plenty of flowers right now!

  12. John...No! Sorry. There is a witch hazel there, and it has dropped its petals. I think all of them have around here, and I am sorry to have missed them.

    flwrjne - also a good guess, as I've seen Mohawks and Leatherleaves in bud and early bloom, and the Mohawk smells wonderful. But no...

    Donatella sin fiori :-) Winter jasmine? Ees too late hereabouts :-( Also missed them. But maybe farther south, Confederate jasmine...

    Paul - first correct guess and the hollyhocks are on their way. They may revert from black, I hope not. They have been black two years straight. I feel a little bit silly mailing you seeds since making plants is your raison d'etre, but thank you for receiving them :-)I may have talked myself into planting a daphne on my terrace.

    CFLA - I think a lawsuit is bromming your way. You have to see my mother's kitchen fly strips to know get an idea of damages for which you will be sued.

    Frank, spring barf? :-) Actually, I'm warming to it. I saw some nice uns on the Promenade yesterday evening in the rain.

    webb - you were in the hat, you were! Good guess! And what lovely shrubs...they have a bad reputation when it comes to dropping dead. Apparently D. odora Aureomarginata is more resilient.

    Rachel - Congratulations! Millicent is a fine hunter gatherer...The Cape Town corgis would be proud of her. Excellent fly snappers and milk stealers. Fly doily is on its way.

    Mountain Thyme - noooo, but it could have been. Pictures coming up.

    Dinahmow - I know fewer daphnes - subtle things - than I do forsythia - screamers - which are everywhere. They are both pretty early.

    Hi blissfulsally - a little late for crocus and a teensy bit early for cherry, though I am seeing some early ones open. How about you send us some pics of Mexican flowers?


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