Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall in the Bronx

At the end of a long subway ride (if you live in Brooklyn, at the opposite end of the New York spectrum) and a short bus ride, is Pelham Bay Park. In the Bronx.

And in the park - the largest in New York City - it is fall.

No one was there.



  1. It amazes me how there is such wild and open beauty so near a densely populated crowded city of millions. Your photos made me think I was visiting a forest in Canada.

    Love that sassafras leaf.

  2. Gorgeous. Can't believe there was no-one else there. It's one of my dreams to see *proper* fall in your part of the world one day.

  3. Your photos and Vince's have made me think of J.F. Kensett (who, incidentally is buried in Greenwood Cem)


    And since he is my favorite, I think I may need to make a painting off Pelham Bay.

  4. Marie, Gorgeous colours, I am such an Autumn girl... Thank you:-)

  5. That was sooo relaxing. beautiful photos and colors.

    Wish I was there,

    Xo Jane

  6. Well, another "autumn girl" says thankyou, too!

    And, from your recent post on birds in the parks, I followed the story of the raptors, so thought you might like this:

  7. I can't believe I've never been there; now I want to go!

  8. Laurrie - well, it is amazing...also that we can walk there peacefully and safely.

    Helen - I hope you make it here for the leaves. They are worth it.

    Frank - why, thanks for that link. What wonderful paintings. I blush to admit I didn't know him.

    Anyes - they're still there if you'd like to go and see :-)

    Jane - meh, you have good leaves, too. Go, Blue Ridge Mountains!

    MIT, thanks for all your good tips. Especially for the South African poetry journal/blog...

    Ellen - saw some fat, fat field garlic, but too tough to pull up - ground was very hard and had no digging sticks.


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