Sunday, November 7, 2010

Change of allegiance

I think this will be my new fish shop. We walked past it on Bleecker Street last night, on the way to dinner. I don't mind traveling to the West Village, if it means that my fish are this bright eyed and bushy tailed. And: they have rouget, the little red mullet that make bouillabaisse great. Also very good, fried. I know the Lobster Place in the Chelsea Market and did not realize they had another outpost on Bleecker.

I've been having issues with my local fish shop recently - an off trout, lightweight cockles, and fishy-smelling dorade. They said they don't get red mullet because they are so perishable and won't sell.

Perhaps I should reserve judgement until I have bought and eaten an actual fish?

Where do you buy feesh?


  1. Seriously? For something like salmon, from The Sea Lord's freezer!
    When my budget allows, I might buy reef fish locally.But it comes in at a higher price than fillet steak!
    And, since we're talking fish...Australians go mad for barramundi. They even import it now and it costs a second mortgage.I'd rather have whiting or perch and a good bottle of wine and some change!

  2. We are so, SO lucky here in Cape Town. My friend Willow goes out regularly on a boat and comes back with fresh fish. Then he phones us all to pick some up. His wife calls it "Fishbook". Last night we had yellowtail on the coals. Caught in the morning, in our bellies the same evening.

  3. MIT - pecrh...makes me think of Switzerland.

    Lily - jis, you are lucky. Yum. I have always been frustrated by how much frozen fish we get in Cape Town when we are surrounded by the sea. We shop at Kalk Bay when the boats are in...

    Lambert - I haven't been in ages, which is silly. I go to Mott Street for live West Coast crabs for black bean curry. Do you have a favourite shop?

  4. There's a good place on Grand st, corner of Chrystie, called TanMyMy (I think) and Honk Keung seafood market on Mulberry between Bayard & Canal has a smaller but usually nice selection.
    If you are discerning and savvy about the fish and shellfish you buy (and you are, I am sure!) there are some great deals to be had in Chinatown fish markets.
    The prices are much lower than anyplace else.

  5. Don't even ask. This might as well be the desert for all the decent fresh fish we can get.

    What does "previously frozen for my convenience" mean anyway? Just don't go there!

  6. Union Square Greenmarket. But I'm retiring. I don't think I want to buy my fish in Fort Greene, do you think? May have to drive to Fairway.

  7. Chinoistown--Grand St corner of Chrystie. Very Fresh Feesh.


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