Friday, October 8, 2010

October roofscapades

I woke up this morning to the sound of something running across the roof and opened my eyes in time to see the cat leaping from the roof down across the high little windows of the bedroom, and onto the lower level that abuts the terrace. A big, happy leap. Bad cat. He is not allowed up there in his silly little sweaters, and we have barricaded the way from the table on the terrace to the roof, or so we thought. Jumped right over it.

We will have to do better tonight. He once came home without his shirt, which Vince found later hanging off the old rusty fire escape next door, which leads to El Bandido's summer residence. And he sometimes gets an arm stuck in the sleeve, so: visions of cat falling from roof. Not good.

If you don't know why the cat wears a shirt or who the Bandido is, please submit a complaint.

Herewith, some October strawberries.

The New York sky is a quintessential blue at the moment.

I shall pick some of the berries to put in a posy to take to the nArchitects tonight for dinner. Strawberries, plectranthus, parsley, thyme, Mexican cherry tomatoes. A funny, terrace posy.
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