Thursday, June 24, 2010

This evening

I am: drinking a long mojito using lemon syrup just made per Jane's receipt, and with lots of terrace mint and viscously cold Bacardi; am about to go up to check on the farm* and to add a cage to the new tomatoes - I haven't watered in three days but the soil has those gloopy-when-wet, moisture-retentive crystals added to it. Name escapes me. Must be the mojito. Later will cook risotto - lemon, I think. Have dead-headed the David Austin roses, which have the first signs of black spot, have watered the terrace, given the cat his antibiotic, made my husband the same drink - put lamb for tomorrow's cold meatballs with walnut sauce in the fridge to defrost....and....that's about it.

Tomorrow I will deal with tomorrow.

*It is not a real farm. It is my agricultural revolution, says Constanza. But I will call it the farm.

(Maybe the meatballs should be warm with goat cheese and scallions. We'll see.)



  1. Will you share the how to make lemon risotto? please!

  2. Do you love it?

    That answers the watering question. I have become a water bearer. Arms getting tired.

  3. I would kill for a mojito right now...even though it's almost midnight and tomorrow is a work day.

    Now I know what to get for the weekend!

  4. Warm meatballs with goat cheese and scallions...Count me in, would there be a recipe over on the Food side of 66 square feet?...I did not find it and I am all curious now ;-)

  5. Hope Estorbo did not fight,bite and scratch when you gave him his muti!
    Hope the anti-biotics cure whatever is ailing his skin.

  6. webb, its' the basic risotto base with onion that I make, with the juice of one a half lemons added about 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Try the leek, garlic etc risotto on my food blog :-)

    Yes, Ms Jane, yes! Thank you...

    Hey, Thomas - happy weekend, in that case.

    Anyes, yes I will - it's my friend Bevan's recipe and yummy.

    Lyn, no he's pretty good, perversely, tho' he's getting more wily, 4 pills into the regime. I back up up between my legs so he can't reverse, pop the mouth open with the left hand form below, pop the pill in with the right, slam the mouth closed, say soothing things and he goes, Gulp.

  7. Hmmm...I needed you and your Technique when I had Josh.Of all the animals and birds I've medicated, none came close to Josh.


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