Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White breasted nut hatch

Actually, apart from the bunny, this guy made my day, too. I had wandered into The Ramble, where one is more likely to see birds at this leaf-thin time of year than solitary men standing about in odd places waiting for odder things to happen to them. I stood still to watch three little chickadees who looked as though they would have sat on my hand if I had offered it. And I also stopped to listen, because all I could hear, in the heart of New York City, was birdsong.

The nut hatch, the first I have seen (I am not a birder, rather an accidental bird watcher), was about 6 feet away investigating a fallen tree, and moving vertically up and down it, very slowly and methodically, and utterly unfazed by my presence. I went closer and did not disturb him then, either. He caught several insects and only then moved fast bambambam killing them on the bark with his beak.


  1. And I was as enchanted this morning by a Cape Batis on our Leonotis.

  2. Marie, what a fantastic shot! You must have a great zoom on your camera. The birds I manage are pin pricks! Always love to hear birdsong. x

  3. Jay - some of my best, fey dreams are about birds, small ones...

    Louise - he was very close, but I must say I was surprized at the quality of the digital zoom which I hardy ever use, as it it reduces the pixels and hence quality...but for this purpose it was great.

  4. Really great picture of one of my favorite little birds!

  5. mmviljoe@netactive.co.zaApril 1, 2009 at 12:04 PM

    Hullo Jay ! What a way to communicate with one's neighbours !
    Didn't see the Batis but heard him.

  6. QC - now he's one of my favourits, too.

    Hullo Mommy! xxxxx


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