Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's up on the terrace?

I'm taking bets: this thing, is it, or is it not, dead? Clue, it was one of my favourite terrace plants last year, attracting many bees. Its leaves were intensely perfumed.

It was...Calamintha nepeta. And you know what? I saw signs of life. Little green bits at the very base. It doesn't look good, and it may be too far gone. But I'm waiting to see. It has also self- seeded rather freely.

My idea of masses of Japanese ribbon grass (Hakonechloa macra) for a small greenroof that will be planted beneath a water tower on one of Mr Cooper's terraces was based entirely on my one-plant experience, as well as knowing how well the striped varieties do in semi-shady situations. Mine looked like attractive straw the winter through, and after cutting it back I wondered; but here are the new shoots. I prefer the species, plain green, which also seems to have a slightly more upright habit than the weeping-flowing golden ones...

Violets, or weeds? These were volunteers from the gravel on my terrace floor, and I moved them to a rose pot. They have taken root and made new leaves.

Veronica "Waterperry". These challenged little plants, hardy as hell, made it through the winter in terra cotta pots 5" across.

The chive dilemma. Eat, or admire?

Yes, I sold out and planted some violas, leftovers fron work. I think they are adorable.

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