Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Wednesday's Observations

1. Five minutes ago, a beautiful sound, high up, familiar, half-listened to then focussed upon, and I rushed to the terrace to scan the sky. There they were, in a perfect V, flying dead north. Geese!

2. The green bike lane on Prince Street is perfect for cruising on foot past the tourists. Thank you, Mayor Mike.

3. How does one explain that one cannot plant "tall sculptural evergreens" in boxes 7 inches wide and 14 deep. Or that a lawn cannot grow on 2 and 3/4 inches of soil?

4. Rosemary can overwinter in New York on a terrace. We came upon three today that had done perfectly well facing south, protected from the north and west.

5. The small new shoots emerging from dormant dwarf campanula on a terrace in the West Village are extraordinarily happy-making.

6. We should all plant more Juneberries (Amelanchier). Berry picking in DUMBO park is only three months away. Moral support pickers needed.

7. I attached the spray nozzle to my hose this evening and watered the pots. The water hung like a necklace on the bright green chive leaves.

8. And yes, the Cornus mas, up top, is in bloom (this one in Cobble Hill Park, growing amongst the ghosts of the fallen of 1776): Cornelian cherry. Cornus signifying dogwood...most undogwood-like. It make sour red fruit in summer. Naturally, I feel that it might make very good jam.

9. And what do I tell friend Molly about what makes a perfect dinner party? Magic. That's what makes a perfect dinner party. Perfect, happy suprise. Pleasing people. Integrity. Flowers. An evening like this, when the bare terrace begs to be populated. Candles. Love. Good food. Small impeccable things. Friends. Love...that takes the form of a dish of almonds, or a camellia in the bathroom, or a cassoulet, or hot bread, or small candles in the pots outside. Or a roast chicken...


  1. They're on their way north to go make goositos, I geese. I mean I guess.

  2. I think the goositos should feature in another story.


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