Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March murder

So, I did thin the arugula seedlings.
Potential snuffed out.
This may be the closest I can come to understanding Pro Lifers...
But I remain a pro Good Quality Lifer.
My arugula will be the taller and stronger for it.


  1. Yours is a very neat blog, decadent and sensible.

  2., right :-)

    JMH: decadent and sensible. I have reached my goal. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. RRRGGGH. Still not up. Neither greens, nor spinach, nor even the new pea seeds I put it. Shady in afternoon, less protected, and its been cool. I sometimes get impatient with the seeds. I guess its only been a week

  4. Frank - my spinach isn't up either, and its going on two weeks now. The potting soil I used is resembling clay now and has made a hard crust, even after watering. That might be to blame.

  5. I thought neat was the goal.


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