Friday, March 13, 2009

Penthouse gardens

Above and below are two gardens I designed, belonging to one penthouse in SoHo. His and hers. Above are his.

These are hers.

HWV is looking for a gardener to help maintain them,and others...


  1. Well, yes, but the commute is a bit much!

  2. Can I still apply? And how many books will I have to read to become a good gardener? ;-)

  3. God bless your use of perennials.

    Nothing more entertaining than carrying flats of impatiens up those last two flights of stairs from the last stop on the freight elevator.

    Oh,there is, its carrying that B&B tree (ball first, head last!!)

  4. Beence - I have enough books! :-)

    Frank - spoken like a pro! You should read some of the applications...gott in himmel.

  5. I think it should be called "Holly, Wood and Vince" anyway... ;)

  6. You just have to READ about gardening? Me! Pick me! I'm aces at reading. Pick me!


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